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PBIS Poster Ideas Featuring School Mascots

Use your PBIS Posters to create a strong sense of community, and teach students how to make good decisions, with a message like these samples. Building your school culture around your mascot is a very sound idea. Children readily accept mascots because they are fun and engaging. They give educators a fun, friendly and very visual tool for constructing a behavioral expectation platform. The emotional incentives for students to belong to the “lion pride,” or whatever your mascot’s community is called, is incredibly powerful. Kids want to have lion friends and enjoy social success within the lion pride. They are more apt to grasp and embrace the lion rules and behavioral expectations. They give the children a road map for social success. “This is how a lion would do it,” gives them a very clear and self-relatable example for them to imitate and learn from. The welcome posters in these samples set the stage for a mascot-centric culture. Start your new school year out right, and get a Welcome Poster from Mascot Junction that features a kid-friendly version of your mascot today! Visit to find your mascot and learn more.

PBIS Poster Ideas Lion Patriot Stallion Mascot

These PBIS Posters feature a welcome message from the school mascot, telling students what it means to be part of the mascot’s community.