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Knight Mascot Clip Art Bundles

Knight Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

Knight Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

See 80 clip art illustrations of this Knight Mascot at The knight clip art images portray the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays and positive behavior. The Positive Behavior clip art set features the knight doing things like washing his hands in the bathroom, putting things away in their proper place, respecting teachers, bus drivers and crossing guards. There are knight clip art images representing respect, responsibility, safety, caring, kindness, leadership, diversity, anti-bullying and much more.

The Knight Mascot clip art images are also featured in PBIS posters, banners, signs, award certificates and other products designed to support PBIS programs. The kid-friendly Knight Mascot is ideal for elementary and middle schools striving to create a strong sense of community, and healthy learning environment. PBIS roll out kits help make it mean something special to be a knight. Students have knight friends and are part of the knight community. They have knight rules and a knight way of doing things. It’s helpful to teach students that, when making a decision, simply think of what a knight would do, and they’ll make a good decision, get good results and have a good time. It’s very simple, visual and effective.

PBIS Rules Posters feature the knight mascot visually demonstrating positive behavior in different parts of the school. There are ten different posters. One each for: hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, classroom, library, assemblies, pick-up/drop off area, playground, computer lab and the bus.

Matrix posters and banners feature the same illustrations of the Knight Mascot integrated into the matrix to make it more visually engaging and interesting.

Theme banners and welcome banners feature the knight mascot and an over-arching theme, determined by your school.

Learn more about all the products that come in the Knight Mascot PBIS Roll Out Kit at Mascot Junction.