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About Mascot Junction™

Dave Thompson, the artist behind Toons4Biz.

Dave Thompson, the artist behind Mascot Junction.

Mascot Junction is a team of designers dedicated to helping elementary and middle schools roll out effective PBIS (Preventative Behavioral Intervention & Supports), and similar programs. Our kid-friendly mascots are used as the role model to demonstrate positive behaviors and traits.

Our illustration library is built around the words used by schools for their annual theme. For example, a school that uses a cougar as their mascot may use the acronym ROARS as their theme. R is for Respect. O is for Organization. A is for Acceptance. R is for Responsibility. S is for Safety. Under the PBIS program, schools are instructed to come up with 3 to 5 positive VISUAL examples to demonstrate each of these key principals. Our goal is to provide your school with illustrations that does exactly that! Use our mascot illustrations to create posters, banners and other materials to roll the program out throughout your school.

For more information, call Dave at 816-916-1377. Dave is the founder and lead artist. E-mail him at

What about Dave?… Dave has been designing cartoon characters for business since the mid eighties, and in 2001 he was contracted by Mars Candy to work on the M&M characters. That experience changed his life, making him realize the amazing ability of cartoon characters to reach people. Thinking cartoon characters were under-utilized in the business world, Dave set out to build a library of clip art images that small businesses could use for marketing purposes. Toons4Biz was born. In 2009, Dave turned his talents towards school mascots. Thinking elementary schools were under-served, because most of the existing mascots were mean and aggressive looking, Dave chose to make his mascots kid-friendly, and provide them in a robust clip art set that schools could use for yearbooks, posters, banners, bulletins and more. In recent years, Dave has had a number of principals request clip art images to reinforce their PBIS programs. Our “Positive Behavior” clip art sets were born! Today, we are working hard to expand our PBIS offerings, and now offer Gotcha Reward templates and printed banners, posters and street signs to help schools roll out their PBIS programs, and use their school mascot as a positive behavior role model.