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Warrior Mascot Logo & Clip Art

Use this kid-friendly Warrior as your school mascot. Use the 90 clip art illustrations of the warrior to create a positive learning environment in your school. The clip art images portray the warrior doing activities related to school, sports, holidays and positive behavior. Many of the clip art images portray behaviors such as respect, responsibility, safety and others commonly used in PBIS programs. Also available are rule posters for different parts of the school, theme banners, safety signs, awards, t-shirts and virtually everything you need to bring your PBIS program to life, and create a highly engaging school climate where it means something special to be a warrior.

Warrior Mascot Clip Art Logo

Warrior Mascot Logo and Clip Art

The Warrior mascot can also be used if your mascot is a Chief, Brave, Blackhawk, Tomahawk, Cherokee, Chippewa, Choctaw, Seminole or any type of Indian.