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Mascot Junction PBIS Catalog

The new 2019 Mascot Junction catalog features 24 pages of products to help schools transform their climate into a more inclusive environment that has a strong sense of community to support PBIS and Character Education initiatives. Products include rule posters, theme banners, A-frame safety signs, hallway street signs, wall and floor stickers and an expanded clip art library of more than 10,000 images of kid-friendly school mascots.

Mascot Junction Catalog 2019 PBIS Posters

Download your copy of the 24 page Mascot Junction catalog right now.

Custom Designed PBIS Graphics

Get custom designed PBIS graphics from Mascot Junction to bring your positive behavior program to life, and create an engaging school climate. Send us your matrix and we’ll do the rest. Everything includes custom graphics based on your school’s colors, mascot and theme/acronym. Let our experts help you determine the best signage solution for your school. Download our useful Planning Guide right now at

PBIS Custom Graphics Posters

PBIS posters, banners and signs feature custom graphics based on your school’s mascot, logo and colors.

Start by finding your mascot in our huge library of kid-friendly characters. Each mascot has its own clip art set featuring the mascot demonstrating positive behavior and character traits like respect, responsibility, safety and more. You’ll also see sample posters, banners and signs on each mascot’s page. Explore more than just your mascot because some mascots have more samples than others.

Emoji for Positive Behavior

Use Mascot Junction’s Emoji clip art to teach positive behavior and support your school’s PBIS program. There are 80 illustrations of this happy little guy demonstrating positive behavior in different parts of a school. Mascot Junction also designs custom posters to show the rules/expectations for different areas like, hallways, restroom, classroom, library, playground, assemblies, and at the pick-up/drop-off areas. Visit to learn more about how the emoji character can be used to teach positive behavior at your school.

Emoji Positive Behavior

Emoji character is shown demonstrating positive behaviors commonly featured in PBIS programs.

New PBIS Poster Design

The new PBIS poster design style by Mascot Junction makes the acronym (ROAR, SOAR, PRIDE, etc.) more prominent, and is customized with your rules, your school name and school colors. Plus each poster features your school mascot visually demonstrating the positive behaviors related to each area of the school. Ask for design style #3 when filling out your Planning Guide from Mascot Junction.


PBIS rules posters are customized with your school’s words, colors and mascot.


PBIS Rules Posters For Elementary Schools

PBIS Rules Posters from Mascot Junction feature your school mascot visually demonstrating the positive behaviors of your school’s PBIS program. Each poster is customized with YOUR rules, YOUR colors, YOUR PBIS theme and YOUR school mascot. We have more than 100 kid-friendly mascots in our library, so no matter what your mascot is, we can design, print and deliver PBIS rules posters for you. In some cases, it’s desirable to indicate appropriate voice level for a particular part of the school, so we can add a voice level graphic that uses your mascot holding up an appropriate number of fingers to indicate voice level. Learn more at

PBIS Rules Posters Bulldog

Bulldog rules posters are for schools with PBIS or positive behavior programs.

Rule Poster Design Options for PBIS Schools

Mascot Junction offers an array of poster design options for your PBIS rules. Many schools choose to use their mascot as a role model to demonstrate the positive behaviors in their program. Some schools want to use their own mascot, instead of Mascot Junction’s kid-friendly cartoon characters, and we are glad to accommodate that. High schools often want to simply use their logo, and in some cases, the schools doesn’t even have a logo or mascot. In all cases, our design staff is glad to work with you to come up with a solution that is right for your school. Visit to see all the possibilities.


Viking Rules Posters

Choose from two styles of Viking Rules Posters for your school’s PBIS program. The kid-friendly viking mascot visually demonstrates the positive behaviors included in your PBIS matrix. Simple send us your matrix and we’ll make up a set of rules posters for each part of your school.

Viking Rules Posters

Viking Rules Posters are for PBIS schools, and feature a kid-friendly viking mascot demonstrating positive behavior.

The viking rules posters are part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit™ by Mascot Junction. Roll Out Kits include rules posters, matrix banners, signs, clip art sets, award certificates, gotcha rewards, coloring sheets, temporary tattoos and even mascot costumes. Virtually everything you need to create a mascot-centric school climate designed around your PBIS program. Learn more at

PBIS Poster Ideas Featuring School Mascots

Use your PBIS Posters to create a strong sense of community, and teach students how to make good decisions, with a message like these samples. Building your school culture around your mascot is a very sound idea. Children readily accept mascots because they are fun and engaging. They give educators a fun, friendly and very visual tool for constructing a behavioral expectation platform. The emotional incentives for students to belong to the “lion pride,” or whatever your mascot’s community is called, is incredibly powerful. Kids want to have lion friends and enjoy social success within the lion pride. They are more apt to grasp and embrace the lion rules and behavioral expectations. They give the children a road map for social success. “This is how a lion would do it,” gives them a very clear and self-relatable example for them to imitate and learn from. The welcome posters in these samples set the stage for a mascot-centric culture. Start your new school year out right, and get a Welcome Poster from Mascot Junction that features a kid-friendly version of your mascot today! Visit to find your mascot and learn more.

PBIS Poster Ideas Lion Patriot Stallion Mascot

These PBIS Posters feature a welcome message from the school mascot, telling students what it means to be part of the mascot’s community.

Knight Mascot Clip Art Bundles

Knight Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

Knight Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

See 80 clip art illustrations of this Knight Mascot at The knight clip art images portray the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays and positive behavior. The Positive Behavior clip art set features the knight doing things like washing his hands in the bathroom, putting things away in their proper place, respecting teachers, bus drivers and crossing guards. There are knight clip art images representing respect, responsibility, safety, caring, kindness, leadership, diversity, anti-bullying and much more.

The Knight Mascot clip art images are also featured in PBIS posters, banners, signs, award certificates and other products designed to support PBIS programs. The kid-friendly Knight Mascot is ideal for elementary and middle schools striving to create a strong sense of community, and healthy learning environment. PBIS roll out kits help make it mean something special to be a knight. Students have knight friends and are part of the knight community. They have knight rules and a knight way of doing things. It’s helpful to teach students that, when making a decision, simply think of what a knight would do, and they’ll make a good decision, get good results and have a good time. It’s very simple, visual and effective.

PBIS Rules Posters feature the knight mascot visually demonstrating positive behavior in different parts of the school. There are ten different posters. One each for: hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, classroom, library, assemblies, pick-up/drop off area, playground, computer lab and the bus.

Matrix posters and banners feature the same illustrations of the Knight Mascot integrated into the matrix to make it more visually engaging and interesting.

Theme banners and welcome banners feature the knight mascot and an over-arching theme, determined by your school.

Learn more about all the products that come in the Knight Mascot PBIS Roll Out Kit at Mascot Junction.